European Language Teacher Certification

Are you new in language teaching? Would you like to develop your language teaching skills? Do you want to take your knowledge to the next level? We can help you!

You don’t need experience in language teaching. If you do, the course will give you new teaching techniques to confirm your ability to do the good job.

Our program is designed for practicing language teachers who want to build their knowledge. It gives you a solid foundation in the theory and practice of every European language teaching.

ELTC offers many online courses and workshops to you develop your language skills and improve your teaching competencies. For more information about online courses, feel free to contact us.


Stationary courses

Our Academy provides intensive training. You can apply for the full-time course or Part-time course.

Online courses

These courses offer you an online lessons with e-learning module. You will get access to all materials and interactive tasks.

Teacher training

ELTC training programs help to develop the teaching of European languages teachers. They develop their knowledge, teaching skills and bring them to a higher level of careers.


Teacher certification

ELTC issues certificates confirming the knowledge and skills of teaching European languages. With our document you will achieve much more in your career.

After all the courses there are practical and theoretical exams to get the certification. To receive it you will need to complete the course and meet the criteria for all assignments.


Apply for the course

  1. Fill the application form and send it per e-mail.
  2. When we receive the form we will respond to you within one week and we will fix the details about the course.

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